Our Initiatives

     Everyday has a new or a combination of some selected initiatives undertaken by the team with complete focus on the fact that desired objectives are fulfilled. The measures undertaken by ABGP to make profound and meaningful impact are always reviewed and assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively so that efforts made shall not go in vain.


    ABGP organizes various seminars on different aspects pertaining to Consumers rights and their safeguarding and they invite experts from various walks of life to touch upon myriad points related to the ongoing movement. The seminars are held in various parts of the country and they act as learning and eye-opening bytes for all the attendees. Moreover, interactive workshops, discussions, brainstorming sessions are also held, both offline and online in order to bring freshness and vitality to the movement, each time and every time.

Consumer Forums

     These forums act as one-touch haven for the consumers who wish to get their grievances addressed and resolved. They not only provide accurate information regarding existing laws and possible courses of action in order to resolve the issue at hand. These Forums also extend every possible support so that victimized consumers must get justice in a speedy manner

Road Shows

    - In order to reach out to the consumers in every nook and cranny of the nation, especially at places where accessibility and approachability are not so easy, these fully devoted activists organize road shows in order to reach out to the majority of consumers falling at the bottom of the pyramid in order to make them better aware and empowered.  

Role Plays

    Alongside road shows, role plays on various contemporary issues and malpractices faced by consumers are enacted to spread awareness among the consumers so that they may face the challenges posed by the businesses in an efficient way.

Awareness Drives

    The brigade organizes various Awareness Drives in all kinds of regions and their approach and interventions are bespoke as we wish to touch base with every consumer to the extent possible. These drives exhibit creativity, content and concern for consumers galore.

Camps & Clinics

    The legal experts and other experts under the aegis of Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat organize camps and clinics, especially in those regions where their presence is not in the form of permanent establishment. They record the woes and difficulties of aggrieved consumers and provide able-guidance and possible assistance.

Consumer Clubs

    ABGP has started this wonderful initiative of empowering young consumers i.e. school students, college/varsity students and faculty members through Consumer Clubs. The students not only get an opportunity to dwell deep into the reservoir of information regarding consumer rights and its protection but also get opportunities to interact, discuss and work closely with veterans working in this direction. Their empowerment at a young age adds strength to the entire movement manifold and enable the brigade to move swiftly and firmly towards its ‘Grand Vision’.

Grahak Arth

    It is a quarterly highly informative magazine available in printed version and online version. It carries scholarly articles pertaining to various aspects of consumer rights and its protection. The subscription fee is nominal, but learning is voluminous, pragmatic and meaningful.