Shri Dinkar Sabnis

     National Organising Secretary
( Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat (ABGP) - New Delhi )
In the ink of Shri Dinkar Sabnis.....
'Consumer is King'. We have been hearing it almost on a daily basis via Public Service Announcements and various forms of communication. But as consumers when we actually encounter a , of us get confused how to get it resolved. The government agencies/private players, many a time do not pay heed to it. Some of us who are vocal and more aware and take aid and assistance of social media platforms and other offline platforms and some of us move the Court and eventually obtain justice. But the question arises- How many of us are actually able to do it and how many of us get appropriate guidance and support to voice our concerns and get the issues resolved via legal discourse or arbitration. The numbers are not very encouraging. In order to enable and empower every consumer to know her/his rights and stand for it if it is infringed, ABGP is firmly determined and works tirelessly via various measures across the nation in order to achieve its goal. The level of awareness is fast surging,but so is the complexity related to issues faced by the consumers. Our brigade in any situation never lets consumers stay flummoxed, but come up with effective solutions in order to provide right sense of direction to the victimized consumers and walk with them until required. However, we have always discouraged any sort of dependency of consumers on us, but our unbarred support is always at their disposal.We cannot state that we take proactive measures during all the occasions as new challenges and complexities keep cropping up every now and then, but we are ever proactive to be reactive and work incessantly to be proactive all the times. We work on three tenets i.e. disseminating and sharing accurate information, staying transparent each and every time and taking all pro-consumer measures. Through every mode and medium of communication, both offline and online, we work to awaken the consumers which paves way to make them self-reliant motivators and encouragers to others. We as an empowering continuous movement believers urge you to come forward and join hands to strengthen it further, better, stronger and bigger.